Glossybox review

I havent spoken about Glossybox in some time, I thought it was about time.  Historically for me it is an up and down relationship with beauty boxes some months I really appreciate what I receive and other times its a bit so so.  I am on the so so slide at the moment and having received the July box through this week I wanted to establish why I felt it was so so these last few months.

Firstly the festival edit – In this box I had a gel nail polish from Essence, an anti cellulite booster from Kuesho, Halo racial wipes, Monu reviving mist and some temp flash tattoos from Glossybox themselves.  Out of these 5 items I was really only impressed with the facial wipes and the reviving mist (I like to Monu items I get sent).  I gave away the other items which led me to question if the box was worth the money.

The July box arrived and as always I ripped open the outer box willing the inner box to wow me.  The theme was French and the box itself looked amazing…..but the insides didnt.  This time I think I actually groaned.  Only 1 thing looked worth keeping, the other items were skin care and as I have discovered that small tubes of skin care don’t help me close whether something will really work on me.  I also felt that the clear pouch was a bit of a let down.  The box contained Noxidoxi serum base, lip balm from Lollipops, Teoxane Cosmeceuticals skin refiner, some BB cream from Vichy and the travel pouch from Glossybox.

I am not sure how much longer I will stay with Glossybox, I love the idea of a beauty box subscription but I hate feeling disappointed and giving away a fair amount of stuff for the money and I haven’t really been introduced to anything great for the last few months.


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