The fitness files – A PB and negative people

It was the final of the club handicap this week and I was nervous.  I wanted to set out and show people what I had achieved these past few months I also wanted to prove to myself it could be done.  All was going well until a comment was made, if I could have thrown the towel in there and then I would have done.  Instead I continued but the light had gone from what I was doing.  Was gutted when I finished that I had allowed something/someone to get to me but I guess you live and learn.  Added to this I have also been called short and fat this week, it’s almost like lets see how much negativity could be thrown at me!  I guess I need to remember that I am in this for the long haul, its a long game that needs to be played.  So by Thursday I was on a mission, I decided to do a local run and work on my pace.  I was fairly happy with what I was doing and how I did it.  Saturday is known in the house as parkrun day, Mr JAEG has a race tomorrow so wasn’t running, as a result it was up to me to put the trainers on and step up to the start line.  I decided to do Raphaels as it was nearer to home and I could just do my thing.  And I did do my thing, I got the best pace so far on a 5k (although my watch showed it wasn’t a 5k exactly).  I loved the course and I loved the way I felt going around.  It was good to see some friendly faces out there but I was on my own and it was down to me to do what I needed to do.  I set off pretty quick, actually too quick I was trimming minutes off my pace but it was too much too soon, I need to remember that for the future.  Anyway I felt comfortable and I enjoyed seeing the baby swans as I went by the lake it was great!

Next week is the last week of work as we break for summer, I am hoping to get some feet on the ground time ready when when I holiday and let loose.


Date Time



Distance (KM)


(Time / Mile)

PACE (TIME/KM) Time of run/weather Notes


41m 54s



14m 17s

8m 53s

7.30pm warm but with a breeze. Negative people to be ignored.


39m 36s



9m 45s

15m 42s

6.40pm cooler Felt good


39m 36s



13m 54s

8m 38s

9am warm New Parkrun, loved it!

One thought on “The fitness files – A PB and negative people”

  1. We have two Parkruns near us, one by the shore and one on The Common. Commando does both but says you get a nicer bunch of people by the shore. The Common ones are a little to serious and look down on anyone who isn’t.

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