The fitness files – A PB and negative people

It was the final of the club handicap this week and I was nervous.  I wanted to set out and show people what I had achieved these past few months I also wanted to prove to myself it could be done.  All was going well until a comment was made, if I could have thrown the towel in there and then I would have done.  Instead I continued but the light had gone from what I was doing.  Was gutted when I finished that I had allowed something/someone to get to me but I guess you live and learn.  Added to this I have also been called short and fat this week, it’s almost like lets see how much negativity could be thrown at me!  I guess I need to remember that I am in this for the long haul, its a long game that needs to be played.  So by Thursday I was on a mission, I decided to do a local run and work on my pace.  I was fairly happy with what I was doing and how I did it.  Saturday is known in the house as parkrun day, Mr JAEG has a race tomorrow so wasn’t running, as a result it was up to me to put the trainers on and step up to the start line.  I decided to do Raphaels as it was nearer to home and I could just do my thing.  And I did do my thing, I got the best pace so far on a 5k (although my watch showed it wasn’t a 5k exactly).  I loved the course and I loved the way I felt going around.  It was good to see some friendly faces out there but I was on my own and it was down to me to do what I needed to do.  I set off pretty quick, actually too quick I was trimming minutes off my pace but it was too much too soon, I need to remember that for the future.  Anyway I felt comfortable and I enjoyed seeing the baby swans as I went by the lake it was great!

Next week is the last week of work as we break for summer, I am hoping to get some feet on the ground time ready when when I holiday and let loose.


Date Time



Distance (KM)


(Time / Mile)

PACE (TIME/KM) Time of run/weather Notes


41m 54s



14m 17s

8m 53s

7.30pm warm but with a breeze. Negative people to be ignored.


39m 36s



9m 45s

15m 42s

6.40pm cooler Felt good


39m 36s



13m 54s

8m 38s

9am warm New Parkrun, loved it!

1 thought on “The fitness files – A PB and negative people”

  1. We have two Parkruns near us, one by the shore and one on The Common. Commando does both but says you get a nicer bunch of people by the shore. The Common ones are a little to serious and look down on anyone who isn’t.

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