Clothing for exercise.

A little while ago I wrote about my gym bag collection and how they are already packed and to be taken when I feel like doing an activity.
Today I want to talk about my gym clothes. Its times like that I can tell that I have OCD and need to be organised.
I have attempted to streamline how I keep my gym clothes as I felt I was spending too much time faffing about with what to wear/pack compared to doing an activity. So at the beginning of the week as a commitment to what I plan to do that week I get my running clothes or swimwear from my gym shelf, easy right? It is now I have it organised between long-sleeved/shot sleeved tops and long-legged/shots for bottoms, the basket next to these items hold my sports socks and sports bras (very important when running, after you see the shock absorber video on YouTube you too will want to wear something substantial)!
So that’s the organisation out of the way, where do I purchase items from?
I have started to dislike boring greys and blacks when working out, yes there is a time and a place for wearing dark colours but I also want to feel bright and cheery when working out and this time of year I want to feel summery too. In winter it is vital that you are seen by motorists again the brights do that job perfectly.
In the past few years ladies workout wear has really brightened up, yes you still get the muted colours and the greys and blacks but there are some funky items to be purchased too.
I like Fabletics ( for their bright colours, easy styling and easy to wear items. They do a subscription service similar to the beauty box idea if that’s your thing but you can also just purchase items like a catalogue. Their running gear is really comfortable and I feel that it fits me really well whilst looking different. You don’t have to be super skinny and there is something for every shape. Lots of outfits to choose from and not majorly expensive compared to the high street.
I also like to purchase from Sweaty Betty (, out of sale time they can be very expensive but their stuff does last a long time, washes up well and again can look really stylish. I like to buy during sale time but there are times that the size I need gets sold out pretty darn quick. Their shop assistants are really helpful if you go in store.
I also like to purchase from ADIDAS, their tracksuits are so comfortable I love throwing one on at the weekend after going running or to the gym. Their running stuff has also really improved, they still have the staples in the basic colours but if you are looking for a splash of colour then they also cater for that taste too.
Lastly, I like going to sweatshop. This is a proper running shop, they know how to kit you out with the right trainers but they also carry a range of clothing by a range of different people. Some of their shops are small but as they only carry running items there is plenty to choose from, plus if you can prove you belong to a gym or running club you often get a discount.


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