Fitness review 12 July – Don’t forget to start your watch!

As I was looking at my stats for this week I realised that I have covered 80.79km or 113.05 miles this year.  Who would have thought that?

As I started out on my run this morning I didn’t really have a plan, I wanted to do over 3 miles but apart from that I was flexible to what I did and the route.  I followed my heart and went for a country route, this involved lots of hills, a devil to go up but great fun to run down.  I loved this route!  I had purchased a new pair of Brooks yesterday and this was an excellent way to christen them.

Box fresh Brooks

My Garmin picked up that I did 4.27 miles but it did not pick up the start of my run so I could have been nearer 5 miles how frustrating.  I am determined to crack the golden 5 mile code, then I know I am more than capable of doing a 10k and that race is 12 weeks away!

Date Time



Distance (KM)


(Time / Mile)

PACE (TIME/KM) Time of run/weather Notes


38m 58s



14m 41s

9m 7s

7.30pm warm New route trial


41m 23s



14m 32s

9m 2s

7.30pm warm Field work


1h 3m 33s



14m 54s

9m 15s

10am cool breezy Lots of hills and my watch didn’t start right away may have covered 5 miles




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