Study update & end of the academic year review.

A few months ago I mentioned I was back studying again, for a refresh click here.  I had missed the whole study treadmill but after an intensive few years studying to get my BA degree I did want a break, knew I needed to have one before embarking on anything else.  I missed the whole studying part of my life, I love learning new things and felt stale if I wasn’t learning.  This was the year I wanted to get a few things right in my life and that included getting another module under my belt.   After balancing the study with my new fitness regime and work for a few months I was pleased to receive my result and report that I passed my module and on my way to a BSc should I wish.  I don’t have anything planned study wise for the summer, I have a lot of good books to read but i hope to get back to the next module soon.

It is hard to spilt time between the things you must do and the things you want to do.  There are times when all I want to do is run and study but work is important to me.  When I next study I need to ensure I have the work/life balance right.

As we approach the end of the school year I like to look back and pick over what I have accomplished this academic year and my goals for the next when we start back in September.  There were moments in this school year when I wanted to up sticks and leave, it had become very hard to balance what I thought was right to what was expected of me whilst looking after the things that happened to mean a heck of a lot to e, i.e. my husband, fitness, emotional wellbeing for me and my students and personal improvement.  After what felt like a rollercoaster of a few months I think I am ending this academic year on a more even note compared to last.  I feel that I had been listened to at the most important times and I will be starting the new academic year with a slightly different job title, working in an area that was of the upmost importance to me and the life of the school.  It won’t be easy but I hope my study and my fitness helps me stay focused.


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