Runner’s Journal Training Diary and Fitness Guide Sebastian Elliott – a review

Although I am a huge fan of on line logging using my Garmin app and Strava I do think you cannot beat a journal to write in, logging runs, feelings and most importantly goals for the upcoming week.

After some investigation I decided to go with a journal that was recommended to me by another beginner runner.

What do I like about this journal?

  • The front has an excellent introduction, details why you should log your exercise.
  • It has a whole years worth of logs, split into weekly sections where you log the runs for that week.  This includes time of day of the run, pace, distance, route weather, cross training and feelings.
  • At the start of the week there is a space to write your goal for the week, this is then used after the week is over and you reflect on this goal on the wrap up page.
  • The wrap up page has a weekly summary at the top under that are boxes to record daily weight and morning pulse (I use this in an adhoc way as I don’t want to weigh myself daily).  Under this are spaces for whether you met the goals for the week and what helped or kept you from reaching the goals. Your feelings and what will you change/not change the following week.
  • At the start of each week there is a motivational quotation or a piece of good advice.
  • Towards the back of the book after the weekly logs there are spaces to record races, footwear and recommendations.

What don’t I like about this journal?

  • It is a large book, not very portable for travel.
  • I wish there was an electronic version of this for when I am travelling.

If you are a beginner runner or looking to improve then this is a good journal to go for.


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