Self tan

Being an Essex girl I should be an expert at fake tanning. Alas I am not, often when I have attempted it I end up with orange hands, strange streaks or I smell horrible for days.  I had all but almost backed away from all self tanners, only using them when I was going on holiday or for a special event.

I have discovered 2 favorites, that although can still give me streaks or orange hands if I am not careful are easy to apply and I get great results.

St Tropez mousse with a tan application mitt is pretty easy to apply, dries quickly and because it has a tint to it I can see where I have put it.  Without the mitt I do tend to see more orange on my hands and I do get it more streaky.  The smell is ok but I feel that I smell of biscuits when I use this and that can be telling.  Quick to apply and fast to dry, great in an emergency.

L’Oreal sublime bronze self-tanning elixir is lovely to use.  What I love about this is that it does not dry out my skin, feels soft on and gives great coverage.  There is no guide so I do get streaks if I am not careful but I have learnt that when using this product to take my time, so its not a last minute thing to attempt before a night out.

Whilst I was out shopping for self tan I was completely blown away by all the different makes, shades and product i.e. mousse, oil, cream etc.  To be honest I would like to try some of these other makes out instead of sticking to the makes I know and used before.  I would be grateful for any recommendations.


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