Fitness review – 28 June 2015

I have just got back from watching Mr JAEG run a local 10k with the rest of the club.  It was muggy and although the sun was not out it was very warm.  This had been the pattern of weather for the week, with yesterday’s parkrun being conducted under a blazing sun.  The park run had a few casualties, one chap fainted and another tripped over tree roots and got himself a nasty gash on his face.  I am glad that all I could moan about was the heat.

My goal for the week was to increase the distance covered in each session.  I find that my pace is still way off so I am also following a Jeff Galloway app to get a better pace for a 5k.  My left hip has been really painful this week, even painful when I sleep.  The parkrun was a wake up call that I need to get it looked at as I spent a fair amount of time limping around the 5k and for other parts of my body hurting as it was compensating my weird gait.

This week is an interesting week, we have the second round of the handicap Tuesday and the club are competing in an elvis race Wednesday.  I am away next weekend and apprehensive about getting a run in but I will do may damnedest.  Whatever you choose to do, make it count and go for it!

Date Time



Distance (KM)


(Time / Mile)

PACE (TIME/KM) Time of run/weather Notes


49m 52s



14m 47s

9m 11s

7.30pm warm and sunny Increase of distance


49m 8s



14m 51s

9m 14s

7.30pm warm and sunny Loop to keep distance going


45m 53s



15m 15s

9m 29s

9am very hot Horrible run, too hot and uncomfortable

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