Fitness review 21 June 2015 – Party on dude!

Another week has passed, after the 10k last Sunday people then turned their focus to the 25th anniversary party.  What a party! I have never known a party where from the get go people are up dancing and remain dancing until it was time for the party to end.  I managed in my heels for a few hours but after jumping about during a few classic tunes the heels were off and I was away.  By the end of the evening I felt like I had run a 10k myself!

On the whole, after last week, I am happy with my run progress, its slow and steady but I have a routine of getting out 3 times a week and that is the first step.  My hip is playing up, not sure what to make of it but will be booking to get it checked out as I don’t want it to hold me back.  I thought it best for me to run solo this week, I wanted to get rid of the frustration of the previous week, see if I can do more on my own whilst checking out a new course.

Date Time



Distance (KM)


(Time / Mile)

PACE (TIME/KM) Time of run/weather Notes


49m 6s



15m 14s

9m 28s

7pm warm but not hot, dry. Hylands loop.  Hip was hurting slightly.


46m 37s



14m 53s

9m 15s

7pm warm dry comfortable Hylands loop hip still hurting


47m 39s



15m 7s

9m 24s

1pm raining 5k loop near home

Next week I will be back at the club, I need to up the distance but also concentrate on the pace.

I hope you have achieved what you needed this week and all the best for the week to come.  Whatever you do make it count.


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