Gym bags

Having a ready packed gym bag I think is essential in keeping to a routine when on a fitness regime.

I have quite the collection depending on what I am doing, how much I need to carry and how/when I am travelling to the gym.  I thought I would share my collection with you.

Firstly, I love workplay bags found here.  I use the Goddess III if I am going to the gym straight from work as it is big enough to carry absolutely everything I need. I can carry my gym clothes, towel, washing stuff and a tracksuit should I not want to put my work clothes back on it is stocked with features such as:
Large hang-up wash bag with removable mirror and space for full size bottles.
Dedicated shoe compartment with removable bag.
Laundry bag to keep used clothes separate from fresh.
Expandable wet compartment.
Water bottle pocket on the outside.
Gym locker coin pocket with key holder.

If I am walking or cycling to the gym from home I use the Gymwise II from Workplay.  This bag is designed with women in mind and again this bag is stocked with features:
Includes toiletries bag and removable laundry bag
Separate trainer compartment in bottom of bag
Smartphone sized mobile phone pocket in front pocket.
Valuables pocket next to your back for security.
Side pockets for water bottle or umbrella.

The Gymwise II bag can pack a lot into it but is still comfortable on your back when walking or cycling.

When going to my running club I use a gym bag called Amelie from MiaTui, found here.  I don’t need to change into my running gear as I wear it to and from the club but I need to take a bag with bits and bobs I might need just before my run or after.  This bag is the right size for a jacket, towel, water bottle and a change of trainers should I need to change them after cross country runs.  I like that this bag has a smaller clutch bag inside should there be a chance of socialising after a run.

I like organised bags and the 3 I have keep me organised and ready to go with no excuses, they are packed and ready to grab at a moments notice which helps me keep on track.

I would love to hear what bags you use to get you to and from the gym and if you like an organised gym bag.


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