Fitness Review 14 June 2015 – Happy 25th!

An interesting week of running, some highs and a low.  The low was because I allowed someone else’s negativity cloud my own running, this meant that the goal I had set myself for Thursday did not happen they way I wanted leaving me utterly frustrated.  As a result I was determined to get out and do a park run, despite a very busy weekend booked up.

IMG_2703Park run started nice and cool, with a fresh breeze running through the starting line, I was hesitant but determined all the same, I wanted to improve the PB I got back in April but aware I still am slower than treacle running uphill.

Runners watched over by a wise one!

Sunday was the clubs 25th anniversary race, I wasn’t running but marshalling, I wanted to do the club proud as this was a spotlight event.  Many runners from the club but also from other clubs in Essex and London turned up, the weather was perfect and it was fantastic to see them all at the line up.  The race was over Thames Chase, I love this park great for runners, bikers and families.

There were plenty of cakes for the finishers and a superb goodie bag for runners and marshals.  I took many photos during the race for the website, I felt useful and part of the bigger running community!

Onto my stats for the week.  The 1st run of the week was the 1st round of the handicap, no watches allowed so I had to use a best guess and convert my finishing time to help with pace, I was pleased with my Parkrun time, the time I used on my fitsnap was from Garmin but I used the official time from he website for my details.  Next week I have to up the distance a bit more and lose the negativity.

Date Time



Distance (KM)


(Time / Mile)

PACE (TIME/KM) Time of run/weather Notes


43m 22s



13m 59s

8m 47s

7.30pm cooler than it has been 1st round of the handicap, sprint finish


32m 4s



15m 1s

9m 20s

7.30 cool Frustrated


44m 4s



14m 29s

9m 1s

9am cool fresh Harrow Lodge Park Run, felt good


Have a great week all!


My running shoe momento

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