Beauty boxes mascara

It just so happened that the last few beauty boxes from Glossybox had mascara in them.  I am always on the look out for a decent mascara and I like to shop around.  During the week I like to have a natural looking lash but when going out (and not running) I like to load up and make a nice impact with my lashes.  I change my mascara frequently, about every 3 months but less if I don’t get on with it.

Since running I have been dying my lashes a dark blue black otherwise I would look ill when doing my sporty stuff but nothing can replace mascara for a work day or evening out.

In recent months I received 2 new mascaras, one from So Susan and the other from Essence, I wanted to share my thoughts.

The first tube I opened up was So Susan Flutter mascara.  The first thing I noticed was the brush, I loved it, small with the middle part being fatter than the ends with natural bristles.


The shade looked nice and black and there was no fragrance coming off the formula.  I thought I would really get on with it, I was wrong!  This stuff was a complete pain in application, getting lots on my eyelid, smudging and catching the bottom lashes in a very unattractive way.

This mascara lasted a week of me trying over and over again.  I don’t normally get mascara on my eyelids but this was the main bugbear, I spent more time with a cotton bud dipped in cleanser removing blobs near my lash line.   I dumped the tube after 7 days of utter frustration.

I switched immediately to the Essence tube, this is called Lash Princess and I thought the packaging was lovely, if a little on the young side for me.  The brush was natural bristled and had a curve to it, a little bigger than So Susan.  The formula looked black and glossy and again no fragrance.

The application was much better than the So Susan, hardly any mess and held the curl on my lashes really well.  It is still not up there with my favourites but does a good enough job for now.


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