Fitness review 7 June 2015 – the joys of a Sunday run!

As the week started I knew I had the goal I had set myself at the end of the weekend, Sunday was looming large and fast.  I was annoyed with myself as I wanted to run last Sunday and in the end I didn’t but to be honest I thought the rest had done me some good as Tuesday and Thursday I was back at the club with a bang and getting slightly better with my average pace and putting in a slightly longer run on Thursday.

Saturday started sunny but very breezy and I went along to support my club, and Mr JAEG whilst they completed the 2nd ELVIS race of the season and the first Grand Prix of 2015.

H90J before the start
Fresh faced and ready to go!

A great atmosphere  with all the East London clubs getting involved.  I always feel inspired after seeing these races, although some people are more competitive than others at these events and I know that I am no where near up to a standard where I can compete.  Mr JAEG completed his 5 miles in 39.33, not a bad time considering it was hilly and part was in a forest.  Everyone from the club did really well and gave me the kick I needed ready for Sunday.  Although by this point I was nervous and my fingers were sore from all the chewing.

This morning broke warm and sunny, only to change to hot and sunny by 11am.  I was determined to do it and not give up, oh but it could have been so easy to give up.  I met with my friends and we had a spirited chat whilst we waited for the get go.  Then we were off, i started well and fell into a good pace for me, the shaded areas were a god send but the inclines were not!  I completed the first lap without too much of an issue but as the sun bore down I could feel energy sapping away, I needed to drink.  I slowed down took a few gulps of drink and I was off again.  My friend (who I have nicknamed my running mum) feel in alongside me and guided me back home on that second lap, without her I would have felt it all the more!  The finish line was in sight and I picked up the little speed I had left in me, even know I don’t know where that spurt of energy came from but I would see my friends and Mr JAEG by that finish line clapping and cheering and I just got a move on, emotion got me and a few tears of (I think) joy and then I had a word with myself.  I felt good after a few gulps out of a water bottle and I was ready to cheer in those behind me.

IMG_2689Its not often I like photos taken of me but I relented this time.  Make the most of it as it won’t happen again until Hayleys Comet passes by!.

I will never be the fastest runner in the world and I know I won’t break any records but I just feel good for getting out there and changing things around.  Running for Mind was important for me and I was pleased that this was my first race over and down with, under my belt.  Below are my stats for the week, now the 5k is out of the way I want to try and increase distance and pace but not at the same time, pace first with the 5k handicap club race this week and distance next week.

Have a great week whatever you do and keep happy and healthy.





Distance (KM)


(Time / Mile)


Time of run/weather Notes


45m 48s



15m 7s

9m 24s

7.30pm warm and sunny Lovely gentle start with some sprints to get the pace down


46m 47s



14m 19s

9m 1s

7.30pm warm and sunny Slightly longer tonight to get miles under my belt.


46m 34s



14m 55s

9m 16s

11am very hot Difficult to run in heat.  First official race.

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