Cup of Tea?

I love my coffee but I also love a cup of tea, in fact when under pressure a nice cup of tea is what it takes to keep me on the right track.

I am a huge fan of tea pigs tea, their loose leaf and bags are excellent, flavoursome and they guarantee a great cuppa.

I wanted to talk about four of my most loved, although Tea Pigs have a massive range and I have tried most, these are the four I come back to time and time again.

I do think having t he right kettle for tea making makes all the difference as some teas do not need boiling water but at 80c to save burning the leaves, I use a Sage Tea Maker but there are many kettles out there that can have the boiling temperature adjusted to suit the type of tea.

Mao Feng Green Tea

This is a refreshing tea, light and refreshing.  Great for a mid afternoon pick me up or before going to the gym.  I put some into a flask to drink after a work out.  Smells like summer and does not have the sharp taste that other green teas have.  Green teas have lots of health benefits, I cannot dispute them I feel great when I have a green tea to drink and I do feel energised after.

Super Fruit

Oh my, I hated fruit teas until I tried this.  This tea turned my world upside down.  So fruity, its like having a berries burst in my mouth.  Sweet enough not to need sugar but not too sweet where you feel sick after drinking it.  An excellent pick me up.  This tea can be taken hot or cold so a good drink to have all year round.

Everyday Brew

This or the next tea I will be talking about are the go to teas in the morning.  This is a builders brew tea, great strong flavour without it punching you in the mouth with a horrible aftertaste.  This is a tea that can see you through a very busy morning and then some.

Earl Grey Strong

Like the Everyday Brew this is a favourite for mornings.  I love the smell of this tea as it is brewing, although I also know the smell is what puts people off.  Nice and strong and the flavour is amazing.  A drop of milk makes this the best way to start the day.

Tea Pigs have a really good range and if you are like me and like your tea then there will be something there for you.

Tea Pigs can be found here.

My sage tea maker can be found here.   There are other variable temperature kettles available but the tea maker is great with loose leaf tea.


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