Fitness review 31 May

The week started with a bank holiday and therefore no excuse but to get out and do a little run with a friend.  I was out and back before hubby was out of bed and I felt great starting the day and the week like that although I would have also loved a lay in.

I have logged 3 runs this week but I am also hoping to get out later today, if I do I will add that to next weeks log.  The weather is against me at the moment.

Although the week started well I had the most awful run Thursday, I was running out with someone who does not give much in the way of feedback on how she feels and as a result she will just stop dead. This means I could leave her behind which would worry me in case there was something wrong or stop with her.  Thursday I chose to stop with her but I do need to harden up and let her get on with whatever is going on in her own head.  If you do run with someone how do you cope if they are not in the same zone as you?  I would love to hear your views.

I also saw off a running buddy from Heathrow, she is going back to Kenya to open up a special needs school there.  I am sorry to see her leave but I know she is doing a fabulous thing and I hope to go out and see her soon.

I interspersed my runs with walking, I don’t log these but they are worth mentioning.  For instance, Friday was a 2k walk around a park, I used this walk to map out a new route to jog at the weekend.  Yesterday was a 4k walk, this was a walk through for an event I would be marshalling in 2 weekends time, the weather was lovely and looking back I wish I had got my run in yesterday instead of looking up at the grey sky today.

By this time next week I would (I hope) have completed my first 5k race.  I booked this a while ago and had this as a bench mark of how I was doing.


Date Time



Distance (KM)


(Time / Mile)

PACE (Time/KM) Time of run/weather Notes


43m 24s



14m 45s

9m 10s

8.30am dry and breezy Handicap route with Josy, running other way round.  Loved it.


46m 23s



15m 0s

9m 15s

7.30pm warm Handicap route, slight pain in lower back massaged away


40m 42s



16m 2s

9m 58s

7:30pm warm Handicap route, was slowed down, very disappointing

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