May loves

We are now almost half through the year.  I wanted to once again share what I have enjoyed this past month.


  • Bobbi Brown Art Sticks my go to at the moment is ‘Hot Berry’ great to perk up the face when you need a tan and perfect with a tan.
  • Batiste dry shampoo great for the days where I have the chance of getting away with not washing my hair or if I need a grip for an up do.
  • OGX Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner, I love how they make my hair feel after and it is not too expensive.
  • Lush shampoo bars and solid conditioners, my go to at the gym, they don’t spill they don’t make a mess and light to carry.
  • Self tan, we all know how bad it is sitting and baking in the sun but a tan always makes us look good.  I go the fake route, I don’t have a particular make I prefer over others but I find the St Tropez gives me the best coverage or I use a gradual tanner from Dove.


  • I have read a ton of books recently I feel that my favourites for running are by Galloway
  • Still loving Now TV, there are some great films on there and we had the chance to watch a few over bank holiday weekend.
  • Running, I don’t need to say much about this as I have been blathering on for ages.
  • Apple watch, I was lucky enough to get one for my birthday and I love it.  Beats all the day to day fitness trackers hands down as it does so much more.  I use my Garmin for sport and the Apple watch for all day to day.
  • Skyr yogurt.  I love the apple and lingonberry flavour the most.  I love these yogurts as they are filling stacks of protein at 14.1g per 150g pot and at only 110 calories I don’t feel too bad when having one.

Motivation as been a big thing for me this month, there is magic and help around every corner and you just need to look for it or ask for it.  There have been times I have helped someone this month and it feels good, I have also needed help and once I realised that stubbornness doesn’t get me anywhere I have asked for help.  The message I have for this month of May is that if you really want something then you must get out there and work at it.  I cannot believe how much things have changed for me since the start of the year, new friends, new goals and new perspective on things all good.  Even the set backs are good they make me stronger and more focused on what I want in life.

I hope May has been good for you all, if not remember a new month is around the corner, make it count!


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