Review: Das Kind – The Child by Sebastian Fitzek

Das KindDas Kind by Sebastian Fitzek

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was purchased as an audio book from audible. I liked the idea of a story about reincarnation and I do like a nice crime novel.
I found this adaptation really difficult to follow, normally not an issue with audio books. I think it was because this story/dramatization was a little too dark for me. Covered aspects of illegal activity that I don’t particularly like to follow and read about.
Some of the drama fitted well but I also felt that most of it was really over the top and needless and this actually made it ludicrous in some respects and dull in others. I was bored by it towards the end. The only reason I kept going with the book was that I have never yet given up on a book, it may take me a long time to get through a book (a Jilly Cooper book is still on the go over a year later) but I do persevere. I also liked the actors, Andy Serkis, Emilia Fox, Jack Boulter, Rupert Penry-Jones and Stephen Marcus.
This will not put me off purchasing another drama from audible but I will be more choosy about my next title.

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