Fitness review 24 May

After posting my sessions last Sunday there was no hiding this week.  I needed to make sure I was recording everything edible and fitness.  Food gets logged on MyFitnessPal and Garmin logs my fitness.  I use the Garmin for my records here.

So like I said last week you will see on the sidebar that I have changed one of the options, it is now called the Fit Files, here will see all my workouts, thoughts and (hopefully not too many) setbacks.  I would love it if you could join me and please share with me your stories.  If you are just interested in the other bits please pass over this section.

My 5k is looming fast and that is my target distance each session give or take a small bit.  After which I need to think through how I will train for a 10k.  My focus is to stay on track, continue to train and log.

So here his my second week in review.





Distance (KM)


(Time / Mile)


Time of run/weather



50m 2s



16m 19s

10m 8s

7:30pm warm

Helped someone out, it felt good.


44m 57s



15m 12s

9m 26s

7.30pm warm

Leaning over more meant my back hurt more


51m 46s



15m 6s

9m 23s

9am Hot

Shattered but loved it

The week was far bette than the week before, helping someone on Tuesday really helped me.

The weather has been warm of an evening and hot on the Sunday run.  Really nice moments during all the runs and I felt good with what I achieved this week.

Goals for this coming week:

To run at least 3 times this week, try not to stop or walk.  To get to the gym as I failed on the swim part last week.


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