Lush massage bars

I have a fondness for Lush massage bars, easy to use, great to use after a shower, softening and moisturising.  If you buy a tin they are very portable  too.  These bars melt on body temperature, can be thick and nourishing.  Storage is normally very easy but I did make the mistake of leaving one near a radiator, my dressing table smelt so great, the mess not so great!

I own few massage bars, all have their different uses and smells and I tend to use them on a rotation depending on need, mood and the scent I like that day.

I popped into Lush to have a look about, hopefully you would have seen my review on the Lemony Flutter and Ultrabalm.  For a recap please click here.  During that visit I looked at the massage bars, I went away and shortly after went back to purchase two new (new to me) bars.

The first bar purchased was Hottie.  I kept looking at this on previous visits but never purchased.  I changed my mind on this visit as I liked the ingredients and thought they would help after a gym session to sooth sore muscles. I like the knobbly top and this can be worked into the backs of my legs after a run.  Lots of oils in this bar means it glides on smooth and warms up well.  It contains ginger and black pepper oils to stimulate the circulation and warm any tense, knotted areas perfect when feeling like you have run a marathon (I should be so lucky).

The next bar purchased again has been around for a while and again I have picked it up sniffed it, liked it but never purchased it. From Dusk Til Dawn is an odd shaped bar, I was told in the store it was inspired by Madonna and I can well believe it.  This bar smells so summery, citrus and zingy.  The sun was out and as I sniffed it I thought that it was the right time to buy, it reminded me of holidays by the Mediterranean.  The strange shape aside it is really easy to use, melts nicely with body heat and the scent lasts for ages.  It is just a shame it does not fit into a tin for transporting


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