The Fit Files

I still want to blog in the way I have been, discussing beauty, books and anything else that comes to mind.  I realised as I took on my health drive I needed more accountability and I wanted to share my journey with those who either are doing the same or at times feel the same as I do.

So you will see on the sidebar that I have changed one of the options, it is now called the Fit Files, here will see all my workouts, thoughts and (hopefully not too many) setbacks.  I would love it if you could join me and please share with me your stories.  If you are just interested in the other bits please pass over this section.

I was a tubby child, a teenager with yoyo weight issues, that included me taking pills to help me lose weight and other unhealthy eating issues and a curvy lady.  Never really happy with my body shape but realised after a period of ill health that included anxiety and depression that I needed to sort myself out physically and mentally.  I could have sat here and moaned about the lack of weight loss, the lack of fitness I had and how I felt but I thought it was about time to get real get truthful and do something positive about it all.

So, I decided at the start of the year to take up running, something I never thought I could do or love but I find 5 months later that I actually have a lot of respect for running, the running community and my own start on my running life.  This running journey was made all the better by a very supportive and a great runner of a husband, joining a brilliant club and meeting some new wonderful friends.  It has made the highs all the better and the lows easier to deal with without me going back to meet the big black dog!  I am still slow but I do enjoy most of my runs, you will see that I don’t always enjoy it and there is often a good reason why.

I will be running a 5k at the start of June for Mind, a mental health charity and I have today booked a 10k for October.  My focus is to stay on track, train and log.

This is where the Fit Files comes into it.

So here we go my first week on logging my exercise on here and a review of how it went.





Distance (KM)


(Time / Mile)


Time of run/weather



30m 12s



15m 38s

9m 43s

6pm. Very warm and dry

Was tired before starting


47m 0s



16m 2s

9m 59s

5pm.  Hot and sunny

Slow going some uphill


36m 33s


3m 54s

14m 52s


10:30am. Hot and sunny

Better, have the mojo back

I didn’t have the best week, I found the Tuesday run really knocked me, it was hard it was hot and I hated the route and this impacted my Thursday run as I didn’t run it!  Upon reflection I need to make sure I allow time for my runs, hydrate to avoid the headaches and try again the next night.  I want to continue to run without stopping for at least 2 miles building up it from there.

Goals for this coming week:

To run at least 3 times this week, try not to stop or walk.  To get at least 1 swim session in this week.


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