Review: Run Fat Bitch Run

Run Fat Bitch RunRun Fat Bitch Run by Ruth Field

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ok I didn’t like some of the self talk, after reading many motivational books about how we should be positive with our self talk and love ourselves I was really unsure with how I felt when encouraged to stand in front of a mirror and call myself a fat bitch. Hard truths are throughout the book, and by the end I get why we have to be hard on ourselves if we need to be. After all saying that everything is ok when it is clearly not isn’t going to get us anywhere, so saying that you are fit and healthy and all is ok when you are overweight is just hiding the cold hard truth. I like the bits by the grit doctor and the connection to real live issues, like how to go for a run when you have 100 different things to do. I also like the message that you seem to get throughout that you are important and you deserve to be healthy, you just need to take that first step. If you want to be told off and have a kick up the backside then this is a very good book to read.

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