Cross Country

I never thought I would be able to so something as muddy as a cross country. My last one was when I was at school (many years ago).
The weekend before Easter I was convinced by my hubby and some jogging friends to take part in an Easter Egg hunt.
The night before the clocks had gone forward, I never sleep well when this happens as I worry about the clocks not changing automatically and the alarm not going off.
The morning broke to heavy rain which matched my heavy heart as I looked out, oh dear what have I got myself into? I wondered.
Mr JAEG and I drove to the start, another beautiful country park (we are so lucky where we live, lots of country parks). I say beautiful but as I stepped out of the car it looked wet, grey and hard going.

Box fresh

I put on my new trail running shoes and met with the rest of the group.  As the rain came down the rules were explained to us and we were told to head off.  The race was on to collect all the tokens and head back to base.

I can honestly say it was the most fun I have had in ages when running.  Yes it was muddy and yes I nearly went over several times but I also laughed, made new friends and reached a new milestone in my short running life.

The whole course was 3-5 miles in total, for those checking the dead ends it was 5 miles, for those standing at the cross roads (like me) it was slightly over 3 miles. I managed to finish with my team in 1 hour.  A quick down of a can of diet coke and we changed out of our very muddy shoes and headed to the pub for a more refreshing drink.

Not so box fresh now!

What have I learnt about this experience? I thought once I have my hot bath and had a set of clean clothes on.

Well I think I have learnt that no matter how bleak or grey things may look there is always a chance for better things.  In this case it was cold, wet, muddy and I was slow but I made some terrific friends and a renewed hope that I can do it and I should not doubt myself.




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