Park Run

You would have read (I hope) that I help marshal at my local Park Run event each Saturday morning.

I thought it was about time to explain a little more about Park Run.

So what is it?

Park Run is an organised free, weekly, 5km timed runs, open to all and are free, safe and easy to take part in.

These events take place in pleasant parkland surroundings and all abilities take part, ranging from the those new to running to those veterans who don’t even think twice about running 5k on a Saturday morning.

All are made to feel welcome and there is a great atmosphere.  Even if you are not a runner there is a need for marshals, a chance to help others.  Marshalling is great fun, gets you out into the fresh air and helps make new friends.

Like I say all abilities come along, some even walk the course but it is safe, there is a tail runner to ensure nobody gets left behind.

These events are well organised and friendly, a great way to get fit and healthy and enjoy running outdoors.

Why do I go along?

As mentioned above these events need marshals to help the runners enjoy the race.  I love marshalling the events as it gets me out of bed on a Saturday morning, meet with friends and get inspired.

I feel that I am almost ready to run my first Park Run, the running community are really supportive and I have been encouraged to give it a go.  I will do very soon in readiness for a 5k I have booked for the summer.

I like marshalling as I feel that I am helping others out, I am giving back to the community and I am also encouraging hubby and friends as they run.

When the weather is clear and sunny there is no greater feeling than walking across a park ready to help out.  The air is fresh and it starts the weekend on an excellent note.

To find out more or to find your local Park Run click here for details.


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