March Loves

Another month almost ticked off the calendar and we are fast approaching my most favourite month of the year.

I love April for many reasons, its my birthday month, hubby’s birthday month, the nights get lighter and the days warmer.  The Easter break is fast approaching and this time of year reminds me that new life is born, fresh starts and new beginnings.

Before we hit April I want to talk about what I have enjoyed in March.

On the fitness front I have really enjoyed running, I hope you have read my post about running.  Even now I truly didn’t think I would be keeping this up or enjoy it but I am.  I belong to a club and I hope to write about this journey further on down the line.

Staying with the fitness theme I was given a Garmin Fenix 3 for valentines day (thank you hubby).  This is one of the best bits of kit I have ever used for tracking my fitness, I wear it for running and hiking across the park when marshalling the park run races but it can be worn for so many different spots including skiing,  swimming and cycling.

With all this fitness I have not had the chance to wear lots of make up.  When I have I have enjoyed using some products from Make Up Revolution along with my high end products.  Make Up Revolution may be a drug store brand but their products are very well thought through and they actually do a great job.  I have been using their bronzer and highlighter this month.  The bronzer as it is not too dark but gives a glow but is also used to contour as it isn’t too glittery.  The highlighter gives a subtle sheen.

Mascara of the month goes to Benefit Roller Lash, I received a sample with one of my magazines and I was blown away from the get go.  This is now my top mascara, the colour is great the formula is brilliant and it makes my lashes look long and holds the curl.  I have a love hate relationship with Benefit, there are many products that I would like to love as they have excellent packaging but a few of their products do let me down.  Their mascaras don’t let me down, I am a huge fan and this will be my go to mascara.

For my hair I have been using the Lee Stafford ‘My Big Fat Bouncy Bouncy Blow Out Brush’ this gives me excellent volume due to its unusual brush.  Hair looks like it has been professionally blow dried and depending on the products used can last for days. Brush can be found here.

I hope you have enjoyed March and looking forward to the next month.  What have you enjoyed?


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