Fitbit – a review

Part of my mission for this year was to become healthier.  This to me means inside and out, mind and body.

As I put here I am getting outside in the fresh air more and I have started to run, albeit slowly.  The fresh air clears my mind and clears the stresses of the week out of me and the running is one of the steps I am taking towards exercise and fitness.

Another step is having an activity wristband.  There are so many on the market and I already owned the shine.  The shine is a good tracker but after using it for a period of time I have discovered some tiny flaws.  The interface is not user friendly, without my phone nearby I could not tell exactly where I was with my steps during the day.  The shine was good for swimming and wearing all the time and if you would like to track those activities and not need to see the step activity during the day then the shine is still a great gadget.

I looked into the fitness trackers available and I was happy to see that there were a few that had a build in HR monitor too, very handy for the day to day tracking of what I do, especially when running about at work.

I decided to go with Fitbit as I have used them in the past, knew the interface was good and their display clearly showed time, steps, flights climbed, HR calories burned and distance details full shown here.  I promptly purchased the Charge HR activity wristband and it arrived very quickly, a quick charge and I was ready to go.

My thoughts:


  • I can see during the day how I am doing and if I need to up my walking to get to my step goal.
  • It is interesting to see my HR during the working day.
  • The silent alarm is useful on the days I need to wake without the alarm waking the household.
  • Fitbit links to without any issues which was essential as I use myfitnesspal to log my workouts, daily activity and calories.
  • The display is discreet, a press of the button shows the stats I need.
  • It can link to your phone to alert you to a call (as my phone is locked away during working hours this does not bother me but useful at weekends).
  • It is comfortable to wear, the strap is fully adjustable.
  • Fitbit charges quickly.
  • Currently comes in 4 colours and 2 strap sizes.
  • The interface of the iPhone is great, easy to read stats and clear information.
  • Links to my phone via bluetooth with no issues stats can be checked on the fitbit app.


  • It is not waterproof, you will need to remove it for bathing and swimming.
  • Cant be out of the price range for some people (currently costing £119.99).
  • Does not link with the Apple heath kit, if you need it to link up you will need to download an additional app.

I have been using my fitbit for a month and I can see more positives than negatives to this unit.  I am impressed with it so far and I think it really has made the change with my day to day activity.


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