I have never been a runner. I always admired those that could run and I would often look at them wistfully as they sped past.

I decided that the beginning of the year that I would get my work/life balance sorted and make more me time and get the to gym more.

I decided that I would support Mr JAEG with his running, he wanted to join a running club and I thought I would just go along to a few sessions whilst he decided if thats where he wanted to go.

I went for a beginner run on my first visit, I honestly thought I would hate it and I personally wouldn’t stick it out but just biding time until him indoors decided if that was the club for him.

Weeks later I am running! I am now running/jogging/shuffling 3 times a week and can roughly do 2 miles although I have done over that distance on a few occasions.

I am not sure how I feel, there are days when I don’t want to get to the club and run but I go and I realise I enjoy it. I have run when it was really cold and frosty, when it has been windy, when it has been raining and I as a result I have surprised myself.

The club is really friendly and really do encourage all their runners to work towards their potential, I do feel that I am able to do it with them around.

Added to this I have also started to marshal at the local 5k park run, a brilliant weekly event run by volunteers. I love getting up on a Saturday morning and helping others to achieve their goals. I am often finished by 10am and as a result I can get on and do the other things I enjoy that day. Getting up and getting over to the park has been a great way to start the year. I love pulling on my wellies and tramping over the park to where I am marshalling, feeling the breeze on my face, breathing in the clean, fresh air, I love the fact I am helping out but have a few moments of quiet to rebalance after the week.

A clean frosty morning, ready to guide the runners


The ducks enjoying the winter sun




The runners do get muddy!


I am aiming to run this 5k myself by my birthday, a goal I decided very recently.  Plus I want to run a sponsored 5k for Mind, a worthwhile charity that have been very helpful in the past.

If you fancy the idea of running or volunteering at a park run details can be found here.




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