Make up Storage – day to day

I love organisation, I enjoy making sure I have good storage and I like things in their place, essential when rushing around.

I have not been happy with how I store my day to day make up. I was using a large Muji vanity case and although it worked well in the beginning I found that I just tried to clutter it up with more and more make up.

I store all my make in a drawer set called Alex from Ikea (everyone seems to have them now but if you are interested here is the link.

I am pretty neutral with my make up looks for work so on a day to day basis I tend to use the same basics switching out what I need if I have time to change my eye make up that morning.  I go to the drawers of choice when I am going out and need a different look to what I wear for work.

The drawers are not the issue and holds all my make up, nail varnishes and other bits and bobs nicely.

I needed something that would sit on my dressing table without it taking over all the space, it needed to be flexible and also stop the cats from decided to carry whatever I had from the dressing table to under the bed (you would think they were dogs the way they carry on).

After looking at what other people use and research on line I decided to plump for an acrylic drawer and brush holder (Amazon here).

 It arrived really quickly and I set to work sorting out my vanity case and moving items into the drawers.  At first the drawers looked really small but I was able to get all my day to day make up in with 2 small drawers left as spare which I have used for my hair grips and day to day jewellery, perfect.
The holes in the top are big enough to hold my Real Techniques bold metals brushes (I hope to be writing about them soon).  The lipstick size holes hold my lip salve and lip stick with no issues.  The large tray holds my loose powder pot.  The 2 large drawers are deep enough and big enough to hold my MAC foundation, blush, highlighter, mascara, bronzer, eye liner, primer, concealer and eyeshadow base.  Perfect!
I hope I can stick to this style of organisation but I would love to hear how others store their daily make up.

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