February 2015 loves

Wow, time is marching fast!

February is an odd month, short, elements of romance and the gateway to spring.

I decided to give a run through of the 10 things I have enjoyed this February.

So what have I enjoyed this month?

  1. I am really enjoying the rituals shower foams.  They last for ages and they are not messy, lightweight and great for the gym.  I had a can of shower foam sent in a glossy box ages ago and I was a fan.  I stocked up and now use them at the gym.
  2. Glamglow masks, you (I hope) would have seen my review on them.  They really do have skin cleaning abilities.
  3. Kingsmen, a brilliant film.  I loved it from start to finish and I have a tiny crush on Colin Firth again.
  4. Eastenders turned 30 this month.  I remember watching it when I was very young, I went off it for a while but it drew me back in.  I loved the live bits and although the Lucy storyline was dragged on and on I am glad they used the celebration to draw it to a close.
  5. The sky channels are aways a must for me I love Arrow, Elementary, Scandal to name 3 I am really enjoying at the moment.
  6. Netflix and their House of Cards series.  Started on 27th but I know I will love it, the last 2 seasons are a must see.
  7. I have rebounded my love of swimming and I have used the half term break to really get back into the pool.
  8. Zumba again I used the half term break to enjoy a Zumba class, great fun.
  9. Running, I am not going to say much about this as I have a post coming up about this.
  10. Fresh air, I promised myself that I would get outside more and I have.  There is nothing I like more to feel the fresh air on my face after a hectic week at work.  Getting outside makes me feel great, alive and invigorated.  The best thing is that it is free!  There is always a park or green space nearby, get yourself out there!

I would love to hear what you have enjoyed this February.


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