My loves January 2015

So thats the first month of the year over with.  I wanted to share what I have enjoyed so far this year.


  • My Clinique Chubby Stick blush, I will do a review on this soon.
  • Hourglass blush.
  • Glamglow masks (review coming up soon).


  • Broadchurch season 2 on ITV, the first season was amazing and is gripping.
  • New season of Scandal on Sky Living, this has my US family glued to the TV too, although the UK schedules are behind.
  • Stalker again on Sky Living, this is a new programme that started in 2014 and continues.  Again keeps me gripped.


  • My new Duo boots, worn on New Years Eve when we celebrated in London.  Furry, classy and comfortable boots that can be worn dressed up or grunged down.
  • My new running shoes.


  • I think I am enjoying running.  I say think as I have started this month and although I find it hard something is beginning to click.

I hope your first month of 2015 has been joyous and all that you want it to be, what have you enjoyed?


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