Harry Potter

My family are huge fans of Harry Potter, we have visited the Harry Potter world over in Florida Universal Studios many times but never visited the Warner Bros Studio Tour in the UK.  This Christmas the family were over from the States and we thought this would be a good time to rectify and visit the studios.

Our visit was booked for Christmas Eve and although it was mild outside the studios did their best to make it very festive for us.  (Sorry this is picture heavy but I wanted to share.)

The table was laid for the students and looked divine, except that we learnt it was fake food, very realistic though!



The tree was dressed for the festivities.


You know my thoughts on vintage buses.  The Knight bus was brilliant and goes to all destinations (except underwater.)


Magic is indeed might!


I think I could do with these to get out of going back to work!


There was a fully mock up of the grounds and Hogwarts, the snow has been added for the season and as you walked into the room it smelt very Christmassy with the scent of cinnamon in the air.


It was so detailed and looked so realistic.


We were told that some people completed the tour in 45 minutes, I have no idea how and why as there was so much to see and we wanted to see everything, we were there for a little over 3 hours, stopping off for a Butterbeer midway through, yum!

It was a fantastic day and it was brilliant to catch up with the family doing something different.  I would recommend a visit if you are a fan or if you fancy doing something a little different. Hogwarts in the snow continues until February, click here for more details.


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