Back on the treadmill

It was over the Christmas break after eating my own body weight in chocolate and turkey I realised that I had become lazy with my health.  My headaches had increased, my back ached and I had a persistent cold that was having issues shifting.

Back in 2012 I lost a lot of weight and toned up thanks to slimming world and the gym, back then I had more time to devote to the gym and I was able to go to slimming world and follow their plans without any issues.

I guess it is always this time of year we all look at what we are doing to improve ourselves (or not).  I think the hours I work put paid to quick trips to gym class and as a result I have had to use my own steam.  Added to which a series of injuries during 2014 meant that I had to be careful with what activities I undertook.

Despite one or two anxiety wobbles I feel mentally fine so I wanted to make sure that the body followed.

My diet was pretty good, although I have to have a hot meal with the students, I have no control over these meals they are cooked for us and therefore I have no clue how much oil, cheese, butter or other fat would be in the dishes or whether the cuts of meat were lean.  Most of the meals were with a sauce like curry or pies/pasty pastry filled with goodness knows what and cheese.  These meals are lovely but I just wished every now and then I could just have a bowl of soup or a lean chicken dish or even just a bowl of chopped pineapple.  The only thing I could control was the portion size but that is not always the answer.  As I had to have this hot meal at work breakfast and lunch were my choice, I tend to go for cereal or porridge with soya milk for breakfast and something light for tea (if I was hungry).

I realised that it is not just the food situation thats the issue but its the movement too.  My job means that I am on the go all day every day but it is not ideal exercise, although better than a desk bound job.  I needed to step up the exercise once more.

I needed to look back to 2012 and see what worked and if I could replicate that again.

This is what I have decided for 2015:

  1. Try to avoid some of the school meals, maybe if I had my own food once or twice a week I would feel that I am back in control.
  2. Follow slimming world plan as much as possible when eating the lunches at work.
  3. Get back in the gym – swimming is my ideal activity so to start with that for the first few weeks.
  4. Once in a routine of exercise start C25K, this can be done in or out of the gym and as long as my knee and back hold out it should be ok.
  5. Walk outside as much as possible, if the weekend is busy make sure I get outside for fresh air and walking both days.
  6. When the weather becomes spring like back to juicing.
  7. Drink more water – I hope this would help with the headaches.

Some of the above tie in with my 2015 aims posted at the start of the year.

I will try and keep you posted on how well it is going.


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