New Years Eve

We were really lucky to be able to get tickets for the New Years Eve firework display by the Thames.  Despite living fairly close by it was something I hadn’t yet done but was on my bucket list, the perfect time to see them was with the rest of the family.

After a chilled glass of wine, we set off all wrapped up against any potential cold weather from our base in Limehouse (a rather swanky penthouse) feeling excited about the evening.

We arrived at Westminster in plenty of time and after getting through the ticketing barriers we made our way to where we wanted to be at midnight, right opposite the London Eye.


The atmosphere was a party one, people of all ages and all nationalities were around us, all of us ready to see the fireworks.  It felt great to be there.

The wait although long did go quickly and having some great music to listen to and good company the time went quick.  The lights on the London Eye changed colour frequently and cause many a joke when it changed from Arsenal colours (red and white) to Tottenham colours (blue and white) as half the family support Arsenal the other half Tottenham (don’t ask how on earth that happened!)


At 2 minutes to midnight the atmosphere became intense, the London Eye lights started to really pulsate and the countdown at 60 seconds began.

Big Ben started to chime and on the first bong of the new year the fireworks went off, perfect timing to the bongs from the world famous clock tower.  What followed was 11 solid minutes of fireworks set to music, amazing.  I have seen fireworks in Disney and I was blown away then but this was something else and the TV in previous years does not do it justice, neither do my own photos hence why I have not added many here.

Auld Lang Syne was sung by most whilst being watched by those not familiar with that custom.

The Shard was lit up welcoming us to 2015, the London skyline looked lovely.

There was some live music from Queen and Adam Lambert but after the fist song we decided to make our way back to Limehouse.  What followed was a walking tour of London as we passed Trafalgar Square, The Strand, Fleet Street and St Pauls finally deciding to get on the DLR the 2 stops to Limehouse at Bank.  I guess my commitment to getting fitter started right there.

At this point I want to acknowledge my thanks to all those who worked keeping us moving and keeping us safe during the evening and the small hours of New Years day, there were lots of police and crowd control workers and if it was not for them the night could have been very chaotic indeed, so thank you.

We arrived back to the Penthouse and settled down with more wine and watched the fireworks again thanks to iPlayer, spoke to friends in America and chatted some more.  Soon our eyes were dropping and it was time to sleep.

We woke the next day to a very misty London, the day unlike the days previous was grey and murky, the view from the balcony was not as great as it was the day before.  We pottered around for a while and it was then time to vacate out lovely penthouse and start living in 2015.

The Shard in the misty distance.

I hope however you spend New Years eve it was spent surrounded by love, joy and hope for the next year.



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