Welcome to 2015

These years seem to really speed up.  It doesn’t feel that long ago when I was welcoming in 2014.

So New Year new blog design, what do you think?  I wanted to keep it clear and crisp as I have been given a new camera and I when I do post pictures I do want the background to be the first thing you see.

Click here if you want to check out my review of last year and my aims for this year.

So now is the time for reflection and looking forward.

2014 reflection.

  • I didn’t always make the right choices.  Although a lot of my actions came from a thoughtful good place there were some that were a knee jerk reaction.
  • At work I tried to back up my team as much as possible.  I supported them where I could and provided guidance when needed.
  • I did not take enough time for myself.  There were times when I should have stepped away and either gone to the gym, for a walk or something but I allowed myself to get bogged down by work.
  • I need to speak up more, I allowed myself to be quietened on occasions.
  • There were times when I followed the crowd and not strike out on my own.
  • I didn’t read as much as I would have liked.

2015 my aims.

With the reflection out of the way here is what I intend to do for 2015.

  • Exercise more – use the gym or go outdoors it does not matter.  Use this as me time away from work.
  • Speak up more, have courage in my convictions and stick to my guns.
  • Be the sort of person I would want to hang out with or the sort of manager I would want to work for.
  • Think through my choices, make less knee jerk reactions.
  • Read at least 2 books a month.  Tracking my progress with Goodreads will help keep me on the right track.
  • Be grateful for the small things, think of one thing each day to be grateful for.  Switch things out that make me unhappy or that go against my morals.
  • Have more days out in the fresh air.

There you go my aims are in writing for all to see and my reflections are there warts and all!  No going back now, nowhere to hide.

My blog will continue (I hope time permitting) and will have book and beauty reviews as well as other chit chat.  I hope you will join me in 2015.

Happy 2015, make this year count.


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