What I have been enjoying during October & November

I thought the blog needed a change of design, I was getting bored of the pink and felt it was time to change it up a bit.

So the summer has finally bid a farewell and we an on the way to Christmas. I dare not think about where the time is going but this year is passing in a flash.

I have not given an update on what I have enjoyed in while so I thought I would add 2 months in one.


  • I love my new Kindle Voyage, it has changed how I read yet again, so easy to set up and use and I have found a new love of reading (as confirmed by my Goodreads.com reading progress).
  • I have enjoyed using my iPhone 6 and the recent updates have meant that my phone links in a seamless way to the iMac and iPads which has changed how I work and play.  Set up has been easy and all apple gadgets are just so easy to use.
  • Hue lightbulbs have changed how we light our home.  We have different sets dotted about the home and light up depending on how we have them set up.  Write now I am working in the study with soft orange lighting to cast a cosy warm glow above me.


  • I have enjoyed hourglass blushers and finishing powders.  Fine and light powders that do not clog pores and look natural in any light.
  • MAC mascara’s studio sculpt lash to be exact, I like the comb.
  • Bare Minerals liquid foundation, light coverage easy to blend and their brush is fantastic too.
  • MAC paint pots have been a regular feature in my make up routine, they are long lasting don’t need primer and can’t be blended out (if you are quick) for a like coverage or layered for a deeper dramatic look.


  • I have joined in with the rest of the world, I now listen to music on spotify.  I am late to the party on this but I absolutely love the fact I can listen to any songs I chose (as long as they are on there).  You can make up your own playlists and I love the fact I am discovering new music every week.
  • Audio books, these have enhanced my reading.  I listen to a book as I drive into work and really enjoy some of the new genres I have discovered as a result.
  • This time of year always have great TV, is lovely to snuggle up and watch a good series.  I am enjoying Arrow, The Knick, Modern Family, Stalker, The Flash, Elementary and Forever on Sky.  Strictly Come Dancing, Doctor Who and The Apprentice on BBC.  I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and Grantchester have been brilliant on ITV.  American Horror Show on Fox is good but I cannot watch it of a night.
  • There have been a good few films I have enjoyed, Gone Girl was brilliant and I think actually better than the book.  I have watched a few good films on Sky, Netflix and Amazon Prime recently but I wanted to mention Silver Lining Playbook in particular as I put it off for so long worried about how it would affect me and I finally watched it recently.  It was a great film and I have a soft spot for Bradley Cooper now more so than when I watched American Hustle.  Hunger Games has been the big blockbuster for November and didn’t fail to keep me occupied.

Food & Drink

  • I have enjoyed drinking Baileys recently, I like the orange truffle flavour.  I don’t have a lot as it is heavy but it is a nice sweet drink when I want to feel cosy.
  • Roast dinners, what can I say when they are cooked for me on a Sunday by Mr JAEG there is nothing better.

Finally I wanted to share a beautiful burning red sky, this time of year produces such amazing colours with the leaves changing and dropping but I also like looking skywards as the colours often are amazing as the sun rises.


A fantastic sunrise from the office window.
A fantastic sunrise from the office window.

One thought on “What I have been enjoying during October & November”

  1. I really like your blog, your posts are amazing! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤

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