I started a new OU course recently.  I found that I missed the art of studying once I had finished my degree and I was keen to keep my brain working.  I decided on a course that could lead to a science degree but in the first instance would help me with the children I work with.

The Autism Spectrum in the 21st Century otherwise known as SK124 officially started at the end of the half term, but I decided to spend a day over the half term period to start reading.  As I am already regarded at my workplace as having particular expertise with autism, I am called upon when dealing with children on the spectrum and I am the first point of call when things get really bad and a child needs calming.  I wanted to see if my previous training matched what this course had to say for itself plus having my expertise recognised in a formal fashion before embarking on my next course of action at work.

So far I am enjoying the course and although I have not studied for a while I am back in the swing of it.  In fact I don’t feel the pressure as I did when studying for my degree I guess thats because I have my degree in the bag and this is an add on to enhance what I do.

I have a passion for helping all people who may be on the spectrum, I have found that although this condition is now widely known compared to years ago, those with this condition still suffer from biased viewpoints, people still look, point and are unaware of who could be affected and how.

If you are looking for a short course on autism then I would recommend this as a good starting point.

The work situation has not improved for many, I am ok for the moment as I have carved out my little area and  I am protecting it and my team with a passion but I still feel like I am at the crossroads with what to do next.




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