Arsenal v Burnley


I know I haven’t blogged for a while, I think I lost my mojo whilst a struggled to come to terms with what was happening around me at work and the loss of 2 very good friends in quick succession.

Their funerals were very moving but they also reminded me of how fragile life is, how to grab chances when they come along.  Both were also Arsenal fans and I saw an opportunity to remembering them whilst doing something I enjoy by going to the next home game at the Emirates,  Arsenal v Burnley.


Match started with a minutes silence which was observed with respect from all.  The first half had lots of chances but not close enough but I knew that we were playing to win and I hoped it would pay off in the second half.

Sp the first half ended with no goals but the second half saw 3 glorious goals, 2 of which happened in quick succession and the last in the final moments of the game.  I really enjoyed the match and it gave me time to be out with fellow fans, in the fresh air on a glorious afternoon and reflect on the past month or so.

A little bit about my fondness of Arsenal, I have supported Arsenal since primary school when I started collecting football stickers. I had noticed that Arsenal always started the season top (thanks to alphabetical order), their colours were red and white (2 of my favourite colours), they were a London team and began with an A which for someone with ocd pretty important.  My real dad and brother supported Manchester United but never gone to see them live, what the point of supporting a team and never going to watch?  They were not local and I just could not see the point.

I started going to Highbury when it was still cheap, standing terraces and the atmosphere cosy.

I used to go to almost every home game with my other half and when we got married our wedding cake was red and white with the Arsenal shield. Lucky that Mr JAEG supported Arsenal too!

If we were to have had kids they could have been called Tony Adam, George Graham or Ian. Maybe it was for the best we didn’t have kids they could have rebelled and started supporting Tottenham!

When Arsenal moved to the Emirates it became expensive, we got season tickets but I had to sell mine when I moved into education.

It is a treat to get to a game now and I’m glad I went to this, next season now I am with my feet firmly on the ground I’m saving for a season ticket.


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