I am back but I am not back full time.  I had to take a break from blog posting whilst I got my life into gear.  A kick up the backside is all that I need to get me going again and I feel that has happened these past few weeks.  During this break I want to concentrate on what I want to post and why, I felt that I got myself into a blogging fix that became a chore more than a pleasure.  My nan passed away a year ago tomorrow and I woke this morning thinking of her and what she did with her life and how strong (and at times stubborn) she was.

Work has been a mixture of unpleasant and fantastic, which is  shame really.  If it was just one of these I would know what I need to do but as it is a combination I feel that I have to walk the fine line between drowning and flying.  I feel that I need to change jobs but I am also aware of what I will be leaving behind.

So what have I been into since I posted last?

I have watched Gone Girl, A thriller of a film that I really enjoyed watching and I believe Mr JAEG also felt the same and now won’t admit that he didn’t want to see it in the first place.

I got myself the new iPhone 6, I love it and I always like to keep up to date with tech after all.

I have got my reading mojo back, as a result I have enjoyed a wide range of books, my good reads profile (EssexGirl) can give you more details on that.

I have caught up with some excellent TV programmes and some that are just trashy.  Our Girl on BBC1 has been great as has Forever over on Sky.  Strictly started last week and I love it for the costumes, make up and the range of talent.

I have started a new road of study.  I decided that I needed to help some of the kids that cross my path more than the help they were getting.  I feel that the pressures are on schools to make levels and tables count and as a result those with SEN fall by the wayside and are pushed until they are miserable or set up for a fall.  I am all for inclusivity and everyone to have the change in mainstream schools but not at a cost of their emotional health.  My speciality is autism and so my first new road into study is proving I know what I am talking about.  One day I would like to work in a place that can help those who have autism or other behaviour issues until then I will help those who I work with each and every day.

I will be back to posting normally soon so please bear with me.


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