My August loves

What have I been loving this month?


Lush bubble bars – I stocked up at the beginning of the month and I just enjoy having a soak in a bath that is full of bubbles and smells great.

Face masks – To continue the pampering from the bubble bars I love having a variety of masks, and I own a range some to hydrate, some to sort out problem skin and some to brighten skin ready for an event.  I like the fact that I feel like I am having a pampering session when I have a mask on as I have to sit still for a certain amount of time whilst it works.  I like the fresh masks from Lush and I like my Glam Glow.

Benefit – They’re real mascara.  I always go back to this one, I will flirt with other mascaras but I like the brush and the effect it has on my lashes.

Grow Gorgeous – A co-wash from boots, I have started to use it I like how it feels and I plan to write about it soon.

Spa Breaks – I have recently enjoyed a spa break, I found it relaxing and I will be writing about it soon.


Season 3 of Scandal – I found the first 2 seasons to be full of twists and turns and I was so glad that season 3 is now on Sky Living Thursday nights.  Netflix have the first 2 seasons if you want to check out the hype for yourself.

Celeb Big Brother – Although I will have to say that the celeb element this time is very thin on the ground.  I like how celebs go into these shows either with the misguided notion that it will improve their profile, or that it will show them in a new improved light.  Or they go in with no clue what to expect show us that they are pampered to within an inch of their lives and then have a melt down in front of our eyes.  Not like I like the melt down aspect or think it makes great entertainment but it shows that they are not unflappable and I always thing Vanessa Feltz melt down did her no harm.

Beats wireless headphones – Apple acquired Beats a little while back so this confirms that I seem to like everything Apple.  I have always liked Beats  headphones  and own a few in the range.  When working I like to plug myself into some music to allow me to focus.  I like the wireless headphones as they allow me the freedom to get up and walk about when working without having to be tethered to my music.

On line streaming – Netflix, Now TV, Amazon Prime yes I am still a fan.  I love the fact that we can just put a film on or a box set when we feel like it and not be tied to what is on TV that night.  I also love the fact that I can binge watch box sets when I feel like it and not have to wait to the next week for the next episode.

DVD – I liked watching The Other Woman, I wish I had the energy, looks and wardrobe  of Cameron Diaz but I now also have a new girl crush on Kate Upton.  Marking the passing of Robin Williams (such a loss and so sad) I also enjoyed revisiting Mrs Doubtfire and Hook.  I also enjoyed the remake of Robocop, at first I thought I would not like to compared to the original but I like the fact they have changed up some of the back story so it is not a complete like for like.

Doctor Who – I love Doctor Who, I have enjoyed the programme since I was little and hid behind the sofa.  The new series started with a new Doctor on the scene and although I didn’t think the new Doctor would cut it I was surprised and I enjoyed the first episode.

Cinema – Guardians of the Galaxy, I just love my Marvel films.  This was a brilliant film and I loved the music to it, so much so I just had to download it afterwards.  Some great funny moments and some sad.  Worth a watch.


Coconut water – gosh I am so late to the party sometimes.  I thought I would try it but also thought that I wouldn’t like it.  How wrong was I?  I like the natural and the flavoured and it is so refreshing during this sunny month.

Summertime – on the whole the weather has been great this summer, with only a handful of iffy days.  There were some days where it was really hot and it was hotter than some holiday places.

New stationery – Unfortunately this time of year also comes with the back to school vibe.  But with that also comes the chance (as if I need one) to stock up on new stationery.  I have purchased a new pack of Sharpies, new notebooks and a new folio ready to start the new year off.

Primark – I have a love hate relationship with Primark, I go in there sometimes and find it like a jumble sale.  There are times when I cannot see anything I like or if I like something they don’t always have my size (after rummaging throughout the racks).  However, my last 2 trips have produced some gems ready for my autumn winter wardrobe.  They have a great range of accessories to choose from with some brilliant statement necklaces, bags, scarves and hats.  I find with Primark shopping the key is to get in there when the store first opens before the racks have been picked over.

I hope August was good for you and you found plenty to enjoy this month.




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