Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm

My final cleansing product review at this time is for Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm.


This is a fairly new purchase and I nearly didn’t get it as I thought the price was steep at £46 for 50ml.  I decided to go for it after reading some really good things about it.

The list of ingredients include mud, oils and beeswax.  The ingredients are naturally derived and do not contain paragons, petrochemicals, sodium laureate sulfates, synthetic colours and fragrances.  I like to also report that this product is made in England which is always good to note.


I use this once a week as a deep cleanse before a mask.  I use a tiny amount and massage it into my face for a few moments.  Although it looks muddy in the pot the formula becomes oily on contact to the skin and so melts away stubborn make up and grime.  I remove the product with a cloth or flannel soaked in warm water and wrung out.  It smells lovely and my skin feels great afterwards ready to receive a mask.  A little does go a long way and if you use this just once or twice a week it is value for money.

I would recommend this for all skin types but in particular dry or those in need of TLC.  It does not cause any breakouts or flare ups and just feels gentle but cleansing.

You can purchase this here.






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