Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser – review

As a follow on from my last posts about cleansers I want to now talk about Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish.


I have been a fan of this cleanser for more years than I can remember, I was purchasing it from the Isle of Wight (via phone before the web site was active) and QVC before it was available in Boots and John Lewis.

There is a long list of ingredients include water and Cocoa seed butter.  Liz Earle state that the ingredients are safe, responsibly sourced and no animal ingredients are used plus their products are not tested on animals.

Onto the actual product and how I use it.  This is currently my daily go to cleanser along with my Clinique.  I find that the pump dispenser does dispense the right amount but I also feel that the pump acts as if the tube is empty when I fully believe there could be some product still left inside.  The tube is better if you wan to get the last of the product out.  The pump is better for travelling and storage as no air can get in to spoil the product and as it is sealed no spillage either.

I use one pumps worth of product and massage it into my skin for about a minute.  I then use the muslin cloth soaked in hot water and wrung out to remove  the cream.  I follow this with my Clarisonic to make sure all the product has been removed.

The smell is divine and it does smell fresh and wholesome, it feels as if it is doing some good and certainly does not feel that it is stripping my face of its natural oils.  It feels gentle enough to use it twice a day.

The 100ml starter kit is £14.75 from here. For that you get 100ml pump tube and a muslin cloth 100ml without the cloth is £13.25.  I have always preferred the original formula and not yet wanted to try the others.

I would recommend this cleanser if you have normal to dry skin.  This is also a good starter cleanser for teenage girls out there and this cleanser is also now found in the mens range (although with manly packaging).  I may flirt with other cleansers but I will also revert back to this one, a tried and tested cleanser that has suited me so well for so long.



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