The Cleansing Crew

It was during the other week I realised that I had built up quite the collection of cleansers, not intentionally. After getting them all out of the drawer and lining them up I could see that they all have their own merits and I use them for different things in different ways on different days.



My first picture shows the whole cleaning crew.

From left to right – Strictly Professional Cleanser lotion for normal/dry skin/Garnier Micellar Water/Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm/Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser/Lush Ultrabland/Clinique Take the Day off.



The picture above are the cleansing balms.  On the face of it (no pun) they all appear to do the same thing but I use them at slightly different times for different reasons.  My daily balms are the Liz Earle or the Clinque, both are great at removing makeup and the daily grime accumulated via the London pollution.  Both feel rich and melt the grime without too much rubbing or fussing I would recommend both products if you have normal to dry skin.  When my skin needs a bit of TLC (normally for a week once a month) I turn to the Ultrabland, which is rich, feels soothing whilst removing makeup.  I find that Ultrabland stops my skin having a complete hissy fit, keeps the dryness I really suffer from at that time at bay but isn’t too heavy to cause breakouts.  This cleanser is great if your skin is on the day side every day.  The Thermal Cleansing Balm is used once a week for a deep treatment, again great for getting rid of the grime but too heavy for daily use.  This balm makes my cleansing session feel like a pampering session and I will normally follow with a face mask.  This balm is very oily but effective at removing everything without stripping the natural oils.  Again I would recommend for normal/dry skin I would not be sure how this would affect those with oily skin.  This balm appears expensive at £46 but I have found that a little goes a long way.  Each balm is removed with a hot cloth and followed with a face wash and my Clarisonic.




This picture shows the 2 lotions/waters I use.  I don’t use either on makeup heavy days as I find the balms remove makeup quicker, easier and without too much rubbing.  I find the Strictly Professional cleanser uses lots of cotton wool pads and I never feel completely cleansed after but if I am just wearing a BB cream, blush and a little mascara this is fine.  The Micellar Cleansing Water is a new (for me but not for the rest of the beauty world) thing, it accidentally fell into my basket when shopping at Tesco oops!  I find this is a good product and great at removing makeup but again I would prefer to use the balms for the makeup heavy days.  I use this water in the morning to remove the night grime and I use this for the light makeup times or if I need to remove the day makeup before an evening made up look.

Each product has its own merits but I am always on the look out for the next new cleansing product.  Do you use different products over the course of the month?  Do you have any recommendations?


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