July loves

I wanted to share what I am loving this month.

  1. Boots No 7 Protect and Perfect.  I used to use it, then stopped I have no clue why.  I purchased a set for mum at Christmas and she raved about it.  So I decided to revisit the brand and the products.  Boy was I glad I did!  The packaging has changed since I last used it but the contents are the same and I love how the products are now split into differing age groups.  You can find Protect and Perfect here.
  2. Bobbi Brown Art Stick.  Available from Selfridges here.  Easy to wear and looks good on, creamy and feels great.
  3. Also from Bobbi Brown are their brushes.  As you may have read I purchased a few and I think they are lovely, add product nicely and clean well.
  4. I am also loving the Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Sticks.  I have the pink and the bronze, they are creamy, easy to apply and blend and provide a sheer about of colour that is buildable.  You can purchase from House of Fraser here.
  5. Rubbish TV I know but I love watch Big Brother from a psycology point of view.  I love seeing how people who are thrown together and interact with each other.  The relationships that are built, those that are destroyed and the pure selfishness of some.  I record it so I can fast forward through the programme should the need arise.
  6. End of term, as I am typing this we are getting ready for the end of term.  Always a highly emotional time as you see the little ones from year 7 become ready for year 8.  We have school productions (that was professional, very amazing).  We have award assemblies that are always a joy.  End of summer term = school holiday.
  7.  Talking books.  I have started to use Audible.co.uk, I am driving to and from work a fair bit and I miss having the chance to read during the week.  So I decided to join Audible and download the books I really wanted to read this year.
  8. Beats headphones.  I love all my headphones, my speaker and earbuds, great to look at and provide excellent sound quality.  Since moving offices I find that I am plugged into my music more and more at work when not in class, music helps me focus on what I need to do and at times provides inspiration.  I am lusting after the new noise cancelling headphones as they have been further improved since the model I have.  Mr JAEG if you are reading this and want to buy me a gift………
  9. Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV.  These are repeats I know but I love how I can watch a box set or a good film when I want how I want where I want.  As much as I like football when England crashed out of the world cup streaming services saved me!
  10. Clarisonic Aria, really pleased I purchased this as a replacement to m old Mia.  Makes my skin soft, clean and refreshed.  I think my creams absorb better after using this and my skin glows.
  11. Five Guys burgers, I am a burger junkie and enjoy trying new places and new burgers.  I enjoy Five Guys as it is freshly cooked and you can choose many different fillings.  I also like the 100+ soft drink choices.


What has been your favourites this month?




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