Beauty Box review July edition

These months are passing quicker than I care to think about.  And so it is that time again where I pitch the 2 beauty boxes I subscribe to against each other and give you my thoughts.

Birchbox was first to arrive so once again this is first to review and like last time I will put the products in order from most loved to least enjoyed.  Again all these products are available direct from here.


In first place – Benefits Porefessional full size cost £24.50.  I have used it before and loved it.  I don’t have major issues with pores but I like how this sets my skin ready for makeup.

Up in second – Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream £20.  Another product I have used previously, I liked it then and I like it now.  gives excellent hydration for under the eye and I use my Clarisonic Opal to apply.

In Third place – Laqa & Co Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in Bees Knees £14.  A beautiful summer colour, all we need is the sun to come back.  A coral shade that is sheer so fantastic for daytime use.  It is a pencil so easy to apply on the go and very softening.

Fourth place goes to Whish Three Whishes Lavender Body Butter £14.50.  I love the smell of lavender, I have lavender around my garden and I find the scent soothing and relaxing.  This body butter is perfect to put on just before bed.  The formula is rich enough to give great hydration but light enough to sink in quickly leaving a light scent.

Last but no means least goes to Gilchrist & Soames English Spa Sea Kelp Extract Mineral Bath £11.25.  This smells like the seaside and feels very luxurious when added to my bath.

The lifestyle extra also gets a thumbs up.  The Chia Co Shots.  Having just purchased a bag of theses to add to my juices I was pleased to see these seeds had been added.  A great source of omega 3 and can be added to anything.

Onto Glossybox.

Stars and Stripes was the strap line for this months box.  Having family living in the US of A I love any Americana so I was excited to see it was based on American beauty.



So once again in order of preference.

The first place position goes to Color Club Glossy Seal nail varnish.  I love love love the fact it is made with cruelty free products and is non toxic.  The colour is pretty amazing too as it is a specially formulated shade for Glossybox.  A blue grey shade that will go with many things and will be easy to wear.  You can buy the varnish here.

So in second place is the Carmex Lip Balm.  I would have put this first based on the fact I have used this brand many times and stock up on each visit over the pond but I did like the nail varnish and I also know I can get this here.  So Carmex, whats not to love?  I like how it feels so medicated on the lips soothing the most chapped and dry of lips any time of the year.  I prefer the pot version compared to the tub but I do own both and I own it in many different variations with the original still tops for me.  Check out Carmex here.

Third place goes to Bellapierre Cosmetics Mineral Lipstick in Ruby, found here.  Lasting colour and protection from the sun says the blurb and I agree, added to which this lipstick is the most fantastic red shade, very summery.

Fourth up is Green Apple SPF 15 Moisturizer by Juice Beauty, click here for details.  I like that it is organic and has a SPF for the days where I want to go foundation-less.  Feels nice on the face with a lightweight non greasy feel.

In last place is the Perfecting Eyeshadow Primer from Absolute New York, click here for more details.  It is an ok primer, admittedly I have only used it 2-3 times and it just does not beat my current primer but it is a useful backup to have and one to pack for the holiday.


So that once again leaves me with what box was the best box for me this month?  The answer to this is Glossybox!  Why?  I liked the products and yes slightly biased as I like America but the products were a good mix and I really loved the style of the actual box itself.


What beauty box was your favourite?


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