Misfit Shine – my thoughts

Fitness/lifestyle wearable tech has been one of the most talked about topics at my workplace for the last year.  Especially as we strive towards our healthy goals.  Comparisions have been made between the major contenders, namely Jawbone up, Fitbit Flex and the Nike Fuelband, each wearable with its own fan club.

Having owned a Fitbit One I liked what that offered but I wanted something more seamless, something I could wear and forget but would sync to my phone without holding up my day.

I knew that 2014 was the year I wanted to get back in the gym and get fitter but I knew that until I got the all clear from the doctor I needed to take small steps and adjust my day to day fitness, you know walking a bit more, taking the stairs instead of the lift, stand instead of sitting, walking instead of standing the list goes on.  Lets face it we all know what we can be doing to get just a little bit fitter and moving just a little bit more but it is handy having a gadget telling you where you could improve and where you are at on a day to day basis.

I did my research and at Christmas I decided to purchase the Misfit Shine ready for the new year.  I have been wearing it every day since January and I think I am now ready to provide my thoughts.

The positives:

  1. Unlike the Nike Fuelband the Shine is waterproof, meaning you can wear it in the bath, shower or swimming.
  2. Unlike the issues I had been reading about, confirmed by some of my colleagues, the Shine syncs to my phone without any issues.
  3. The battery life of the Shine is about 6 months, there is no need to charge weekly like the Flex.  This means you are tempted to wear it all the time giving you a greater picture of what you are doing.
  4. It tracks your sleep.  This was a big deal for me.  You did not have to tell the Shine when you were ready to go to sleep, lets face it there are times we would all nod off and not think about telling our wearable that we were about to go to sleep.  The feedback on sleep is pretty good, enough to see how well you have slept and for how long.
  5. The Shine can be used for any activity, swimming, running, cycling, walking you name it.
  6. The Shine can be worn in a variety of ways and comes with a wrist strap and magnetic clip.  I never use the wrist strap as I prefer my watch and a bracelet.  I have used the magnetic clip but I prefer to wear it as a necklace (available to purchase seperately).  There are new things being added to make the Shine part of everyday wear.
  7. Comes in a variety of colours.
  8. Can be used as a funky watch.
  9. The kids think I am Iron Woman when it lights up (ok so that may not be a positive for everyone!)

The negatives

  1. Its about the size of a 10p piece, if you are prone to losing things this may not be the thing for you.
  2. The magnetic clip, I lost my very first shine because it was not clipped on properly.
  3. The price, you can purchase on Amazon but it is between £75 and £150, costly if you do lose it.
  4. Does not give you a nudge if you have been still for a long period of time like some new wearables.

I love wearing my Shine and I like seeing the data I get from it after syncing, providing me with the push to improve day on day.  You can change your targets when you need to making sure you are improving.

If you are in the market for a fitness wearable why not check out the Shine for yourself, click here for details.  Available from Amazon, Apple and John Lewis.  This is not a sponsored post, I wanted to share my views on a product I have enjoyed using this year.




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