Clarisonic Opal

So by now you may have realised I like my gadgets regardless of whether they are beauty related or otherwise.

I wanted to share my views on the Clarisonic Opal, purchased late 2013 after reading lots of good reviews.

The Opal is an infusion system for use around the eyes.  A little cup style tip found on the unit is where you will add your eye cream and for 30 seconds this unit will gently tap the skin around your eye at 125 sonic movements per second ensuring your eye cream is absorbed.

I was cynical at first, but I am also keen to try and hold back the years as much as possible and I felt pleased when  a beauty consultant in Boots said recently that my eyes are wrinkle free and does show my age.  Is that down to the Opal?

So I have been using my Opal since November 2013 twice daily, for the morning I will add my day eye cream from No 7 and at night I am using the Sea Serum that came with the Opal.  A small amount of product goes a long way with this.

The tips need changing about once every 6 months and are not really that expensive.

So do I think that the Opal helps with keeping eye wrinkles and puffiness at bay?  Is the Opal better at applying eye cream than your own fingers?

In answer to the first question I would say yes, after a week of using the Opal twice a day I noticed my eyes were less puffy and the laughter lines I had were lessening by the day.  Would my fingers do the same job?  Maybe but I think the sonic tapping the Opal produces is far superior.  It is a lot of money and it is not an essential item but if you are serious about your beauty routine and have the available funds it is worth it.  Added bonus I hear that some people use it around their lips to help clear fine lines there.

The Opal can be found here.


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