Beauty Blender

A few weeks ago I received a beauty blender as part of a beauty box subscription (click here for that post). I have owned and used one before but I moved onto using brushes to apply my foundation. Receiving the new blender I decided it was time to use it again.
I cracked it open to use this week and I wondered why I had moved away from using one before. I wouldn’t use a blender with water based foundation as the product would just soak in and get wasted but, that was not the issue with my MAC gel based foundation.
Using a blender gives an air brushed effect, providing a sheer look which is great for this time of the year. I use stippling bouncing motion, not sure if that is completely the way to use it but it does the job for me.  Once I have applied my foundation I used the blender to add and then smooth out my concealer this gives a seamless look with just the right amount of coverage.  The pointy end is great for under the eye and around the nose.
I like beauty blenders until it is time to clean them, they they can be a bit if a pain and if you leave them they become really grubby and you wouldn’t want it near your face.

So I am going to throw open the question, how often do you clean your blender if you have one and what is the best thing to use?


2 thoughts on “Beauty Blender”

  1. I have a generic one (not the ‘real’ Beauty Blender) and use soap and warm watter to clean – once a week (I should probably do it more often, but I’m a bit lazy). I think it depense on what foundation you are using. For example, I can’t wash out my Revlon Colorstay foundation (it just clings in no matter how hard you try and wash it), but with other foundations I didn’t have that problem. Hope that helps 🙂
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