Holding out for a hero

I hate it when a hero product goes wrong for me and stops working. One of my hero products is the Clarisonic, one of the most useful pieces of equipment I own for when it comes to skin care.
The Mia was purchased for me for Christmas 2012 and I had been using it twice daily as part of my cleansing routine, with a foaming facial wash in the morning and after my cleansing balm in the afternoon.
The Mia and I were good friends until last week, when it had run out of charge and would not charge back up.
I hit the forums to see if it was a common problem. I discovered that common maybe not but it has happened to others previously. I contacted Space NK for their views as the unit was only 18 months old only for them to respond to say there was nothing they could do as it was out of warranty. I then contacted Clarisonic directly and they offered up a replacement.
In the meantime I looked around at other options, some tempting, some looked cheap and I decided to stick with the Aria but I wanted to upgrade, I popped to House of Fraser and tested all the models, opting for the Aria, once up from the Mia 2.
After using the Aria for a few days I already know I have made a good choice in going back to Clarisonic and choosing the Aria. My skin feels great again and I love the different speed sessions and the lights to indicate how much charge left. I also think the drying stand really helps keeping the unit clean and fresh.
If and when I receive the replacement for my Mia I will give away to either mum or Mr JAEG, both would appreciate the benefits the Clarisonic gives.
If you have not yet used a Clarisonic I highly recommend it, especially if you live in polluted areas or layer on the make up or sunscreen


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