Team Building

I had been having some doubts about whether I wanted to stay at the school I was in, so much so I had an interview elsewhere and was offered the job.  I still don’t know if I have done the right thing by turning down the offer and staying put.

Every year since even before the school opened we have a staff residential weekend.  The first year had a staff body of 20 people, this was 2 years ago and I was a nervous thing not sure what to expect not sure what I had let myself in for and worried that I had made the right choice.  Last year was an improvement from my own point of view, I had gone from being the only person in the department to heading up a team hand picked by myself and ready for the next year with my own vision in place ready to see it unfold.  This year was the third year and compared to the first year of 20 people we have a staff body of 90, amazing.  I headed into this staff residential with mixed emotions, was I right in staying?  Had I picked the right staff to join the team?  Was my vision still valid, can it grow along with the school and department?

As always the location of the residential was lovely and we spent a lot of time getting to know the new people and forming even stronger bonds with existing staff.

I left the weekend feeling a little better about my decision to stay but with very firm ideas about what needs to happen during the next school year to make sure I remain happy.  I know I have a good team to enter the next school year with and will continue to develop them.

On the beauty/lifestyle front, packing for a work residential is always hard, first up is finding suitable outfits for the posh dinner and for the team building days.  The dinner experience is not to be sniffed at, we are all expected to dress nicely, smart.  The team building involves lots of running around, and lots of sitting around discussing.  I try to pack light, I used my Laura Mercier portfolio received from Mr JAEG for our anniversary for my make up, a full face of make up needed for the dinner but a lighter touch for the daytime and this portfolio was amazing.  I had several outfits to pack with a range of shoes, I know it could be hot and I wanted to have different options for the different events.  My carry on trolley dolly was sufficient for this residential as I was also able to pack up my Kindle and iPad but had I had a longer stay I would need to either streamline further or go larger with the case.  One thing about have OCD is the checking I have everything packed and the need to unpack quickly when at the other end making sure I have not forgotten a thing.  I would love to know who you travel light, or are you like me everything bar the kitchen sink?

Beautiful location and a sunny day!

One thought on “Team Building”

  1. I used to work for a tour operator and often had to fly off to lead educational trips at a moments notice. Even now, years later, I still have a small toiletries and make up bag ready packed with travel sized items. I guess it’s a habit I’ll never break. I have been known to go away for four days with just my large Ted Baker bag and the bare minimum even though we would have four evenings of entertainment in 5* hotels. It’s amazing how you can make things do double duty if you really try 🙂

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