Back to the gym

So as I was getting ready for my aqua class I thought it may be a good idea to start writing about my journey back to health.

I had not stepped into the gym since falling ill last year, after getting the all clear from the doctor last week (you can read all about that here) I decided that I had wasted enough time and it was back to David Lloyd for me.

I had been feeling very unfit and I had made a promise that I was going to get back to how I was 2 years ago, fit full of vitality and enjoying all sports.

I know it was not going to be easy and I know I would have to start slow and building from a strong base.  I used to cycle outside, spin class, swim, do weights, classes including zumba and run and I knew I could not do that right away.

Mr JAEG is a runner and was running in a group at the gym, one of the sessions was Sunday morning.  So this is where the journey starts.  After a very late night at a family wedding Mr JAEG and I set off for the gym, I had booked an aqua class so there was no backing out now.

I had decided on aqua as it was a non weight bearing exercise class and would have a good range of people in there so I would not feel or look out of place.  Yes it was hard work and yes I know I will feel it over the next few days but I was pleased to have done this class and make that first step back.


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