Make up brushes

I love make up brushes I like looking at the different types and seeing the benefits of great application when using a great brush with any make up.  Brushes don’t have to be expensive, not be of the same make/brand.  The only important factors are that it suits your needs and that you keep them clean. My MAC brushes have finally seen the end of their days.  When I washed my brushes the other week I noticed the shedding was really bad and it was getting harder to reshape them.  Not bad going, some of these brushes are over 10 years old and had been used daily since the day they were purchased. My Real Techniques brushes are still going strong but I really dislike their eye brushes, compared to their face brushes, they feel scratchy and not as soft when applying make up in such a delicate area. My Sigma brushes are hit and miss, I find the precision line (here) are great for blending concealer and applying eye primer and their kabuki set that includes the F80 Kabuki (here) are great for foundation, cream bronzer/blush.  But they take so long to dry after washing them and it almost puts me off from washing them that often.  The Sigma basic eye brushes (here) are not so good, I get on with some and not others in this set but I am disappointed, after only owning them for a short while they look really worn and feel scratchy and shed hair whilst I am applying my shadow. I needed to replace the MAC brushes that had finally given up, I also needed to replace the Sigma eye brushes that just don’t do the best job and  although the precision line are better they are not ideal for the application of shadow.  I also could not get along with Real Techniques for eyes. I looked about in my local John Lewis, so many different counters to ensure I could really shop around and feel the quality, ask questions and make a good all round choice. After visiting a few counters I stopped by Bobbi Brown.  I don’t think I have ever owned a product from this range except for a make up bag back in the day.  I was wondering what their brushes were like.  I was glad I stopped by, there was no pressure from the sales person in fact she did tell me to go away and have a think after I looked at the brushes.  The consultant talked me through their brushes, explaining how they were made and how best to use them, clean them and keep them going for as long as my MAC brushes.  I liked how they looked, not boring and black but elegant.  Like I say there was no pressure to buy, I looked around some more and came back. There was so many to pick but I wanted to concentrate on eye brushes and two face brushes for the moment.  I walked away with: Eye sweep Ulta Fine Liner Eye Smudge Eye Shadow Full Coverage Face Concealer Blending The brushes are buttery soft and blend formulas really well.  They are nicely weighted and look great on my dressing table. I am not in a rush to add to this collection now I think I have enough to be getting on with but I would value your thoughts on the brand you use.


One thought on “Make up brushes”

  1. I use Bobbi Brown brushes. I’ve had them for ages and most of them are good as new. I do clean them regularly and I have the quick clean spray (not sure of the real name) for cleaning things like liner and lip brushes after I use them. My big powder brush has now seen better days though so needs replacing. Think I’ll stick with Bobbi Brown.

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